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Think. Play. Do.

The activity book that encourages fine motor skills and cognitive development. Big fun for little hands!

Bookywoo is a fun filled activity book that helps develop fine motor skills, critical thinking and problem solving. Each page is themed with a different interactive activity. Let your little one explore textures, tasks and imagination play. Tie a bow, sew in and out, snap on shapes, do buttons, match colours, zip zips and peg pegs.

Endorsed by Occupational Therapists within Australia and abroad.

We can’t wait to open this exciting new chapter and begin to share a story with your precious child.

What People say

Anna from NSW - "Our two and a half year old Lara got her Bookywoo as a present from her new baby sister in hospital. It's her favourite thing ever and so special that such a unique gift came from someone who'll be special to her for life. Thank you! xx"

Beck from the Central Coast - "I am so amazed at the quality and attention to detail. My son is autistic and is exceptionally hard to engage. He was so stoked! Here is a picture of his little face. Thanks again. I really love your book!"

Polly from Sydney - "Bookywoo has arrived and we love it! Beautifully designed and made. Educational and fun"

Nicola from Melbourne - "Edie was lucky enough receive Bookywoo as a present and she just adores it. It has gone everywhere with her since, including the supermarket & school runs"

Sasha from Sydney - "Immy loves Bookywoo! When daddy came home from work it was the first thing she showed him."

Tanya - Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Ballarat 

"I was struggling to source toys for our 4mo that stimulated his mind beyond rattles, shakers and standard textured books.

Bookywoo’s pages are diverse in activity, age range and skills development (ie. finger isolation, hand eye coordination, reach and grasp, in hand manipulation, etc.). I also love that the pages are bold in colour, making them eye catching and appealing for children to engage with."

Tanya has worked for many years as an OT while juggling a fab candle making business. You can check out her cool stuff @simpleretreat_candles



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