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Bookywoo Lite - Additional Pages
fine motor skills toddler activity tie a bow
toddler fun learning fine motor skills tie a shoelace
educational play for toddlers role play learn through play peg the washing
learn through play kids fun learn buttons rocket to the moon
kids present fun learning educational fine motor skills do buttons on the jacket

Bookywoo Lite - Additional Pages

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Now you can order the additional pages to turn your Bookywoo Lite into the full Bookywoo!

The five additional pages are the next skill level up from Bookywoo Lite and just perfect for a new challenge. Tie shoelaces, do buttons, zoom to the moon and learn to tie bows! 

You can easily add the new pages to your Bookywoo Lite by undoing the shoelace, inserting the new pages and then tying the shoelace up again. Easy peasy! xx

    For ages 3+          



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