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toddler learning activity colour matching ice blocks
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fine motor skills toddler activity tie a bow
toddler fun learning fine motor skills tie a shoelace
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toddler fun learning activity colour match the shapes
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kids present fun learning educational fine motor skills do buttons on the jacket


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Bookywoo is a fun filled felt activity book! 

Bookywoo has ten fabulous interactive pages designed to encourage fine motor skills and cognitive development. Big fun for little hands! 

Let your little one explore textures and tasks; Tie a bow, sew in and out, snap on shapes, do buttons, match the colours, zip zips, peg pegs and make an ice cream, yum yum!


Can you remember your favourite toy as a kid? Was it a teddy you used to snuggle up to every night, or a beautiful book full of colourful pictures and big characters and amazing tales?

Today, it’s too easy to default to putting on ‘Frozen’ for the seven hundredth time, or pulling up ‘Baby Shark’ on YouTube. We get it, don’t worry! It’s tiring be a parent. The demands on your time are so varied and constant that a few moments of peace and quiet are to be cherished.

 The thing is, though, why do we have to default to a screen? Have our children really lost the ability to lose themselves in imagination and storytelling and tactile toys, or have we simply stopped giving them the chance to prove us wrong?

 The research has been done and the results are in; giving your precious child a toy they can actually play with, with their hands and eyes and minds, is a remarkable way to stimulate their senses, accelerate their learning and encourage that sentiment we all seemed to have forgotten about: curiosity.

 At Bookywoo, we’re a curious lot. We believe that asking questions and being curious is the surest way to a happy, engaged childhood.

 That’s why we developed Bookywoo.

 We can’t wait to open this exciting new chapter and begin to share a story with your precious child.

    For ages 3+          



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